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AASYS uses cooperation for results for the customer

Get to know AASYS. An industrial automation supplier from Hoogstraten, Belgium, with a wide range of services. Extensive knowledge has taken the company far, and furthermore the basic conditions for success are in order. Because, the guaranteed delivery times of components and the associated advice? These are also met thanks to a strong collaboration with Breemes.

With love for the profession, work and hobby soon become one. They also know that at AASYS in Hoogstraten, Belgium. While one engineer is fully engaged in speech-based domotics at home, a colleague uses PLC technology for time registration during dog races. And what about the employee who has a mini lathe at home? Of course, the drive runs through a servo motor, says manager Bart Aernouts laughingly. “It defines us. For us, technology is an ongoing thing, we are more or less always working on it.”
Resulting in that drive for the people of AASYS to constantly stay on top of what is going on in their field. Courses, trainings, trade fairs: the resources are used to the fullest. “We cannot do without a continuous investment in knowledge”, Bart emphasises. “Our customers expect our advice on the latest applications. So we offer that where we can, specifically for their needs.”

Grown with the demand

From the very first design right up to the complete control box, from complex motion and servo solutions up to complete vision systems: AASYS offers it all. So view the company as an all-round specialist. As a team of involved technicians that, from its foundation eight years ago, has grown along with customer demands. “Software engineering for machine building is our basis”, says Bart. “But now we offer much more than that. We are there emphatically for the entire automation.”

“Our customers take us from America to Asia.”

Today, AASYS has seven permanent employees. Among them also Bart's brother Gert, who specialises in hardware engineering. Just like Bart, Gert has seen his own workfield change. “Around 95% of our customers are in Belgium. But now the customers of end users are taking us much further. We are helping to set up installations all over the world, from North America to Russia and Asia.” The fact that many customers keep returning to AASYS is viewed as a nice compliment by Bart. “Customers become partners, based on long-term cooperation. We know their world and understand that they do not have to deal with complex machines on a daily basis. We do have that knowledge and we deploy it in broad terms for them.”

Timely delivery is key

No matter how international and specific a customer question is, some conditions always apply. One of these is the timely delivery of components, which AASYS purchases from Breemes, among others. This to the great satisfaction of both brothers. “We like to work with partners who know what they are selling,” says Gert. “That sounds logical, but for us it's all about a supplier understanding what is in a box. And that he can, for example, provide a drive of which the configuration is simply correct. Only then can we move ahead. At Breemes, they understand that and act accordingly.”

“A supplier must get what is in that box”

The right application for every situation, that is what its all about for Bart and Gert. So they work brand-independently, certainly in an age when project lead times are sometimes shorter than ever. “We are not bound to the quality”, Bart emphasises. “Instead, we like to be flexible, in which a partner like Breemes supports us. Is a product not longer deliverable? Then Breemes will inform us in time. And with brands such as Danfoss, Schneider Electric and Siemens, there is always a suitable alternative.”

A matter of knowing

The same language, the same culture. Bart and Gert attach great importance to that. And on their side also Peter Daems, technical representative for Industrial Automation at Breemes. “We know the interests of AASYS and often visit the same kind of companies. We see what is going on there and in this way, we get to the core of the issue faster with a customer like AASYS. That works efficiently.”
Gert: “I remember a project where parts for a process installation were difficult to deliver. Breemes gave us extensive advice and came up with an alternative that we could use to move ahead quickly. In this way, we still met the customer demand within the stipulated time. I found that situation characteristic of this collaboration. It does not focus on a one-off success, but on an ongoing partnership. Sustainable and efficient, with two partners who understand each other.” 

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Efficiency: Such a topical issue

AASYS stands for Aernouts Automation Systems. Founded around eight years ago by Bart Aernouts and located in Hoogstraten, close to the border with the Netherlands. The focus in the early years was on software engineering for machine building, nowadays AASYS is there for more or less everything when it comes to industrial automation. That a lot changes in that is an understatement, according to Bart. According to him, just take the urge for more efficiency and the insight into this. “That is really a topical theme, especially now that more and more is becoming possible. For example, we have been using IXON software for some three years now, allowing us to link machines remotely to a web portal. We also look into disruptions and log in for updates and debugging. We do all of this without additional tooling, so that AASYS customers or their end customers can also log in through our portal and thus consult the status of their machines. Such a solution is practical, both for the customer and for us.”

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