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Our Solution For Your Logistics Processes


Efficiency is worth a lot, also when it concerns your logistics processes. Think of the many order lines for your flow of goods for example. Most of these involve low value goods. However, with too many operations the cost can quickly increase by tenfold. How much profit can you achieve here?


Benefit from our tools

Optimise your logistics with solutions such as those provided by itsme Connected Business. We implement them as standard or customised and give you an overview of your return beforehand. We do the latter with multiple tools, which we implement on the basis of experience and peer comparisons. With our tools you will get an immediate overview of the costs of your current process, see the expected result of our improvement proposal and discover the value of the difference between the two scenarios. Of course you decide which tool you implement. And whatever you choose: a tool always adds something, even if you don’t make use of our points for improvement. 


Ask for an intake

The implementation of our tools starts with a free intake. This consists of a one-hour Skype conversation with an expert who will provide a concrete overview of your possibilities. Depending on your situation we will then offer you a customised proposal. Relevant and clear, based on a previously conducted cost-benefit analysis. Curious to see what such a proposal looks like? View an example.


Can we call you?

Streamline the logistics processes within your organisation and experience more control, less risk and a reduction of your costs. Ask us about our solutions or inquire immediately about an intake. We will call you within one business day.

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Vendor Managed Inventory
Never miss out again with our solution for Vendor Managed Inventory \(VMI\). While you focus on your core business, itsme manages the inventory and non-specific project goods in your warehouse. We restock the inventory in a timely manner and lower the risk of downtime and manufacturing delays. Vendor Managed Inventory saves time and gives you peace of mind. Valuable time that you can spend on your capital intensive products.
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Kitting keeps things moving. Multiple goods are delivered in one kit, numbered under one article number and compiled however you wish. A kit is therefore a unique custom product. Supplied directly by us, without you having to worry about any preparation. Instead you can get straight to work on the assembly of a machine or a switch-box.
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Spare Parts Optimisation Service
SPOS stands for spare parts organising service. Intended to digitalise your inventory, resulting in one comprehensible file for your asset management or purchasing system. With SPOS from itsme you will never have to look for spare parts. Instead you will have direct access to a clearly structured storage and division.
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You would prefer to keep the operations of your low-value products to a minimum. So it’s time to learn more about the benefits of our self scanning solution. You simplify the order procedure of your low-value materials and work towards a higher yield and optimal product availability.
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Customer Stock
Some goods must always be available. Even when they are not part of the itsme standard assortment. That’s why you should ask us about the possibilities for customer-dedicated stock, whereby we store your goods in our distribution centre. We do this on the basis of agreements for a minimum and maximum inventory. We also supervise correct inventory management.
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Product Information Services
With our product information services we go a lot wider than with a VMI: with this we help you to maintain and keep your own article database up-to-date. And therefore, for example, we can quickly and automatically identify phased-out products for you and offer form-fit-and-function alternatives.
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Consulting technical warehouse
Good, you know that you have stock in your warehouse. But how do you organise your stock optimally so that it costs you as little as possible? With consulting technical warehouse by itsme you change your technical warehouse into a logistics centre. We take care of oversight, advise on warehousing and streamline the operations of the technical maintenance service.
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Create insight with our tools
What can our solutions do for you? Which one is best for your organisation? We understand that you want some insight first. Bundled in a cost-benefit analysis that we will conduct for you with various tools. You decide which tool you choose. But you will always gain that insight.
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