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SIMATIC S7 system S7-300 / 400

Course type

Siemens STEP7 Classic


This course is aimed at employees with extensive experience in the field of PLC technology, but who have not yet had any experience with the controls from Siemens.

Target group

This course is aimed at programmers or maintenance and service personnel. For the mentioned target group, the course of three days is an optimized combination of S7-BASIS and S7-SERVICE.


Retrain experienced programmers / service technicians to SIMATIC S7. For the target group mentioned here, this three-day course is an accelerated alternative for S7-BASIS and S7-SERVICE.


  • System overview SIMATIC S7
  • Function of the SIMATIC S7 PLC
  • Structure of a program
  • STEP 7 basic programming package:
    • General settings (authorization, language and PG / PC interface)
    • Dealing with projects (create, modify, download and upload)
    • Hardware configuration and symbolics, working online
    • Delete PLC / memory cards, program
    • Documentation options (commentary)
    • Reference data (cross reference list, program structure, etc.)
    • Test program (Debug / Status / Control / Forcing / Breakpoints)
    • Set CPU clock, change operating mode, scan cycle times / memory usage
  • Addressing the I / O cards
  • Reading diagnostic buffer with STEP7
  • Troubleshooting hardware (hardware diagnostics with STEP7)
  • Troubleshooting software (via diagnostic buffer and CPU stacks)
  • Creation of a STEP7 project:
    • Create hardware configuration, create symbol table, edit (data) blocks (use STEP7 Editor).
  • Many practice exercises.


3 days

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