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TIA Portal SIMATIC S7 basic course

Course type

Siemens TIA Portal


Introductory course TIA Portal with S7-1500 / 1200 and TP 700.

Target group

Installers, maintenance staff, programmers, service and maintenance, employees working with S71200 / 1500/300/400 / ET200


Some previous knowledge in electrical engineering.


After the training, you can create simple S7 programs with TIA Portal and program modifications, as well as:


  • Overview of S7 PLC and HMI panels
  • Operation of the S7 PLC
  • Addressing the PLC
  • Software TIA Portal, STEP7 and with WinCC
  • Construction of a TIA Portal project
  • Opening a project with STEP7 and with WinCC
  • Create a new project with STEP7
  • Online functions of STEP7 and WinCC
    • Loading a PLC and HMI project
    • Testing and monitoring the PLC and HMI
    • Comparison of a project online and offline
  • Program with PLC basic commands
  • Document and save programs
  • Practical tasks.


2 days

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