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Schneider Electric NEW ATV320 as  IP6X Version

Schneider Electric has expanded its range of Altivar 320 frequency converters with a version with increased IP protection (dust and water) especially developed for placement (decentral) in the installation close to the motor.
You can choose from a version with (IP65) or without (IP66) integrated main switch. Both versions also offer the possibility to adjust the front panel of the controller by integrating control and signalling units into the 2 freely available 22 mm recesses.
With this expansion, the Altivar Machine ATV320 family offers a complete range of IP20 and IP6X frequency converters for single- and three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors.
Simplified integration thanks to the availability of three types of construction:
• ATV320 Compact: designed for integration into the machine frame
• ATV320 Book: designed for optimal use of cupboard space
• ATV320 IP65 / 66: designed for dust-proof and water-resistant applications
The Altivar Machine ATV320 series are robust, easy to use and easy to integrate into commonly used automation architectures and different types of control cabinets.
The Altivar Machine ATV320 series  are known for reliable motor control for asynchronous and synchronous motors and outstanding performance with a simple plug-and-play setting.
This results in:
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Advanced connection via different networks, based on Ethernet (Modbus TCP, Ethernet / IP, Profinet, EtherCAT) or serial (Modbus RTU, CANopen, Profibus DP, DeviceNet).
  • Optimum performance of your machine
  • Extended availability of your machine

Continuity of your machine is the result of the robust design. The PCBs are class 3C3 coated according to IEC 61721-3-3, to protect against corrosion in harsh environmental conditions. The frequency converter is suitable for continuous operation at an ambient temperature of up to 60 ° C.

Optimum machine safety

Integrated safety functions for simple application requirements such as Safe Torque Off (STO) and full control functions including Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Limited Speed ​​(SLS), Safe Maximum Speed ​​(SMS) and Guard Door Locking (GDL). These functions comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and ensure a simplified certification of your machine.


Altivar Machine ATV320

Frequenzumrichter für einfache und erweiterte Machinen

Teil der Altivar
Der Frequenzumrichter Altivar Machine ATV320 für Maschinenhersteller (OEMs) erfüllt einfache und erweiterte Anwendungsanforderungen für 3-phasige Synchron- und Asynchronmotoren von 0,18 bis 15 kW (0,25 bis 20 HP).
Der Frequenzumrichter Altivar Machine ATV320 verbessert die Maschineneffizienz in zahlreichen Anwendungsbereichen.
Altivar Machine ATV320 wurde konzipiert, um die Effektivität und Effizienz von Maschinen zu verbessern und gleichzeitig die Planungs- und Entwicklungskosten für Maschinenhersteller (OEMs) zu optimieren.

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