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Step5 basic course

​​​​​​​Course type

Siemens STEP5


STEP5 basic course for the SIMATIC S5-90 / 95/100/115/135 and 155U.

​​​​​​​Target audience

Employees working with SIMATIC S5 controllers. For example, programmers, installers, service and maintenance staff or other PLC users.


 Some knowledge of industrial automation and electrical engineering.

Course goal

The aim of this course is to enable the participants to understand the structure and operation of an S5 PLC and to create and test simple links with the STEP 5 programming software. You will expand your hardware and software troubleshooting skills and learn how to troubleshoot. Another focus of the course is to teach your skills to modify an existing program and deepen your theoretical knowledge. After this training, you will be able to track down and eliminate errors.

​​​​​​​Global contents

  • System overview and function of the SIMATIC Step5 PLC.
  • Building a program.

STEP5 basic package:

  • General Settings.
  • Memory reset, load program in PLC.
  • Dealing with S5 projects.
  • Documentation: Applications.
  • Online testing (how to use the S5 test functions).
  • General introduction to programming.

Programming with Step5 blocks in:

  • FBD / FBD (Function assistance).
  • LAD / LOAD (Ladder Diagram).
  • AWL / STL (Instruction List).
  • Working with information and creating data blocks.
  • Securing the final program.
  • Types of errors (internal and external errors).
  • Process investigation, use of documentation.
  • Errors in input and output cards.
  • Change incorrect settings in the program, times, counters and data blocks.
  • Error analysis with U and B stack for program and hardware errors.
  • Organization blocks (error OBs) for software and hardware errors.
  • Redirecting defective inputs / outputs in the program.
  • Error in input and output cards / hardware diagnostics with STEP5.
  • Change incorrect settings in the program; Times, counters and data words.
  • Fault analysis using diagnostic buffer for program and hardware failure.
  • Intensive exercises with practice typical tasks on the programmer and the Fischertechnikmodell.


3 days

Date and location 

On demand

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