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​​​​​​​On this page we offer you an overview of the latest news and information regarding the Corona virus. Should you have a question, please press the blue button below.


​​​​​​​Wednesday, July 8 - 14:41

Information on delivery times

We have been in close contact with our suppliers since the beginning of February. We will continue to share important information regarding changed delivery times with our customers as long as required; even now many rules have been relaxed and we are slowly returning to a more normal situation.

If you register yourself on our digital platform you can view the current delivery status of your orders at any given time. You can also subscribe to these orders to receive a notification if the expected delivery changes.

Registering is easy:

1. Go to the registration page and fill in your details, as you are known to us
2. You will receive an activation email then click on the link (check your SPAM inbox if necessary)
3. You enter a password and you confirm

​​​​​​​Friday, June 26 - 13:57

Update Janssen Vaccines

Update 25 June 2020 - Janssen Vaccines, which together with Janssen Biologics is part of Janssen Netherlands, will start with testing a corona vaccine on humans in the second half of July. Owner Johnson & Johnson announced this in a press release. Thanks to the company's earlier positive results in developing a vaccine, the drug authorities have granted permission to start this next phase in the upcoming month. Read more...​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Tuesday, June 16 - 14:18

VMI/2BIN systems up and running again

We have entirely resumed our activities in the field of VMI/2BIN. This means that your itsme contact person will visit you again at the agreed times to register and replenish your (grab) stock; it goes without saying that we respect the guidelines as stated out by the government. This way, you can focus on your core tasks again. Do you have any questions? Contact us here or call: +34 972 18 10 90.

Thursday, June 4 - 08:50

Available soon: Siemens training courses online 

In addition to restarting our regular in-class training programme, we will soon be offering a selection of Siemens training courses as one-day online variants.

One of our product specialists will guide you through all the possibilities of TIA Portal or S7 Classic during this day. Explanation is alternated with exercises, and you will receive all the support you need.

The practice day at an itsme location would be a valuable addition. You will be put to work intensively, receiving a certificate afterwards. It goes without saying that we have taken all measures enabling responsible participation. This practice day is also ideal as a refresher course. 

The following training courses will be available:

  • TIA Portal Basic Online
  • TIA Portal Service Online
  • TIA Portal S7-1200/1500 Practice Day Basic
    • TIA Portal Advanced:
  • TIA Portal Programming Online
  • TIA Portal SCL Online
  • TIA Portal S7-1200/1500 Practice Day Advanced
    • S7 Classic Basic Online
  • STEP7 Classic Practice Day

​​​​​​​Would you like more information? Please let us know here or call us: +34 972 18 10 90.

Tuesday, June 9 - 09:22

Also remote support for your complex technical challenges

As of 1 June we can visit you on-site again upon request to help solve your more complex technical issues. It goes without saying that we adhere to a number of measures that put both your and our health first. If coming on-site is not possible (yet), our experienced specialists are perfectly able to provide remote assistance.

We recently supported our customer FREDVIC remotely to assist them in the parameterization of some frequency inverters they had not worked with before. Through TeamViewer, we were able to connect with FREDVIC's installation and, when necessary, take over control. Raül Homs, responsible for automation at FREDVIC: "The assistance was really useful for us as we had not worked with these drives and we saved time and problems."

​​​​​​​Would you like to know how we can help you remotely or on site? Contact our product specialists here or call +34 972 18 10 90 on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

​​​​​​​Thursday, June 4 - 09:03 

Training programme Industrial Automation restarts in July

We implemented all necessary measures to restart in-class training from our itsme locations in a responsible and safe manner as of July A 1.5-metre distance within our company is guaranteed through a different classroom layout, one-way walking routes and other adjustments. Our product specialists look forward to sharing their knowledge with you in-class again. Do you have questions? Let us know here or call us: +34 972 181 090.

​​​​​​​Tuesday, March 31 - 18:32

itsme-Elektres SL is an essential provider for various activities contemplated in the Royal Decree and that therefore maintains its activity normally

Following the publication of Royal Decree-Law 10/2020 and in accordance with our service and customer service policy, we inform you that itsme-Elektres SL is an essential provider for various activities contemplated in the Royal Decree and that therefore maintains its activity normally. The entire commercial network is working with telework, and the warehouse with the minimum presence that guarantees service to our clients with the maximum personal security measures. You can contact us through all the usual channels, through your assigned sales representative, at 972 181 090 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., or 24 hours a day through our digital platform.

Monday. March 16 - 17:54

Technical Support as usual, even in this challenging situation

Our experienced specialists will of course remain available for your industrial automation challenges, by phone: 076-5782879 or through here. They are happy to assist you in the way you are used from us: practical and result-oriented. On-site support is currently not available, but with tools like video conferencing  and TeamViewer, our specialists will guide you through your technical challenges. We are ready!

Monday, March 16 - 14:28

Guaranteed telephone and online accessibility of all our locations

Our motivated employees work in shifts at our branche offices or from home with access to all relevant systems to optimally support our customers, as you are used to from us. All visits, with the exception of goods deliveries, have been canceled and are converted into phone or video meetings. So you can continue to contact your branche office with confidence or please contact us here and one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Monday, March 16 - 07:23

Distribution of orders

To ensure the continuity of our logistics services, we have made changes to the organisation of our Distribution Center and our Transport so that we perform as you expect from us. We have also made adjustments for the input and monitoring of your orders. Via this new web platform, our customers are also able to enter orders (and quotations) for a range of 1 million electrotechnical and mechanical articles. The platform also provides an overview of all (online and offline) open quotes, open and historical orders, deliveries, and invoices. Are you a customer with us? Then register here. It is important that you enter your email address in accordance with what is known to us.

Sunday, March 15 - 22:14

All products still available

We have anticipated the potential challenges in the supply chain because of the Corona threat. That is why we have strpngly increased our stock position and made additional agreements with our partner suppliers. That is why we offer you our trusted availability of stocks, combined with the reliable delivery dates for non-stock products, including the proactive management and information support.


Sunday, March 15 - 20:45

itsme Group statement

Within the itsme group we take responsibility for your success. This means, among other things, that we ensure the availability of electrical and mechanical components in your chain. Click here for the measures in the Business Continuity Program that we have introduced to ensure this availability.

Sunday, March 15 - 18:51

itsme Self-Service: real-time insight in all your open orders!

The historical and far-reaching measures taken in Europe rightly place our health at the center. We as itsme will do everything we can to support that. The measures are unprecedented and have a major impact on business. We adapt our services to your requirements. You have to deal with important matters and that is why we offer our customers the convenience of quick and real-time insight into the status of all your open orders on this new webplatform. And if you have any questions about any topic, you can always ask them via this portal. The direct link to our CRM system guarantees a quick solution by competent itsme colleagues. So: if you have not yet registered yet, register now and save valuable time.

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