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Plug-in relay complete unit 115 V AC, 1 CO, LED module red base

  1. SIEMENS LZS:RT3D4S15 4026652
Plug-in relay complete unit 1 W, 115 V AC LED module red Socket with logic isolation Spring-type terminal (push-in) Coupling relay with plug-in relay SIRIUS LZS for galvanic isolation, contact multiplication, and switching small loads and as a means of switching potential.The coupling relays feature wiring without tools and vibration-proof connection thanks to push-in spring-loaded terminals. Bases with logical separation enable easy wiring. The switching capacity has been tested according to A-15 and DC-13. Thanks to hard gold plated contacts, optimal interaction with electronic controls is ensured.Devices are available as complete units or as single modules in the designs RT, PT and MT, with or without logical separation, in various coil voltages as well as with screw-type or push-in terminals.Extensive accessories are available such as plug-in base, holding/ejection bracket, wiring bracket and LED modules.SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.