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Overload relay 70-80 A for motor protection, Class 10

  1. SIEMENS 3RU2136-4RD1 4223324
Overload relay 70...80 A Thermal For motor protection Size S2, Class 10A Stand-alone installation Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: spring-type terminal Manual-Automatic-Reset thermal overload relay SIRIUS 3RU2 for inverse-time delayed protection of loads with normal starting against excessive temperature rises due to overload or phase failure.This series is particularly flexible and cost-effective. Worldwide approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and applications in hazardous areas (ATEX or IEC Ex) are a matter of course.Can be supplied with different setting ranges of the overload release. They are available with screw or spring-type terminals for fast, maintenance-free and vibration-proof connection, as well as for stand-alone installation.The accessories consistently fit all sizes from S00 to S3.Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.