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Monitoring relay for 3-ph. voltage with N cond. Phase failure 3x 160-6

  1. SIEMENS 3UG4618-1CR20 4026203
Digital monitoring relay for 3-phase voltage with N-conductor Autom. phase sequence correction Phase failure 3 x 90 to 400 V 50 to 60 Hz AC Undervoltage and overvoltage 90-400 V Hysteresis 1-20 V OFF delay 0-20 s Asymmetry 0-20% 1 CO for phase correction 1 CO for line supply faults screw terminal Network monitoring relay with digital setting SIRIUS 3UG4 for monitoring phase sequence, phase failure and phase asymmetry as well as undervoltage and overvoltage, e.g. with unstable networks or mobile systems such as A/C compressors, refrigerated containers, construction site compressors or cranes.Worldwide use thanks to wide voltage supply range and international certificates. The relay is variably adjustable to overshoot, undershoot or window monitoring. Delay times and RESET behavior are freely parameterizable. Less space required in the control cabinet thanks to slim design. Reliable diagnostics due to display of the actual value and type of power system fault. All versions with removable terminals.In addition to screw terminals, all the devices are also available with spring-type terminals for fast, maintenance-free and vibration-proof connection. In addition, they are available in various voltages, and optionally with IO-Link or with automatic correction of the direction of rotation.The comprehensive range of accessories, such as unit labeling plates, push-in lugs and cover caps, is standardized for all relays.SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.