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Undervoltage release, 60VAC, +2early N/O

  1. EATON NZM4-XUHIV60AC 4192751
Optional accessories for the circuit-breaker series NZM offers a comprehensive portfolio of application options for use world wide. The mounting is always flexible and easy thanks to the modular function groups. Notes: for interlocking and load-shedding circuits, as well as for early-make of the undervoltage release in main-switch applications. For use with Emergency-Stop devices in conjunction with emergency-stop button. when the shunt release is energized, accidental contact with the main contacts of the switch during attempts to switch on is safely prevented. Early-make of auxiliary contacts on switching on (manual operation): approx. 90ms. Undervoltage releases cannot be installed simultaneously with NZM..-XHIV.. early-make auxiliary contact or NZM..-XA.. shunt release. Cannot be used in conjunction with NZM...-XR... remote operator. Can be used for: NZM4(-4), N(N/O)4(-4)