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Contact block, one contact element, 1 NC

  1. SIEMENS 3SB2404-0C 4023400
Contact block, 1 NC, flat connector terminal contact block SIRIUS 3SB2 as accessories for 3SB2 command and signaling devices.The industry-standard 3SB2 pushbuttons and indicator lights have a modular design and are proven in practice. Thanks to their compact design, they are particularly suitable for small control panels. They are extremely functional and rugged, and comply with the IEC/EN 60947-5-1 and 60947-5-5 standards. They can be installed with a high packing density and without the need for any special tools.Versions available: Various types of contact with flat connectors or solder pin connection.Extensive optional accessories (e.g. protective cap, labelling plates or handles) are available.3SB2 - Space-saving, proven in practice and industry standard!